Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number

Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number will help you find the best car insurance package

swiftcover car insurance telephone number

Yes, the Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number is available on a daily basis to help enthusiastic and smart people like you because you want the best possible insurance for your investments. With the company’s experience in providing excellent car insurance packages, you and your car will be protected with ease.

Why should I choose Swiftcover Car Insurance?

Swiftcover Car Insurance is well known for their quality service. Why? Because they are recognized for their competitive insurance packages and they have many satisfied clients. With their proven quality service, they have received numerous outstanding awards between 2005 and 2011. Why not call their Customer Service Number on 0843 515 8665 today and get a car insurance quote now?

They also have a quick response service online to help accommodate the many people who wish to take advantage of their insurance network. The main purpose of the online application system used by Swiftcover is to double the speed of the insurance application process.

You can also choose a customized insurance package for your car cover which will suit your budget and satisfy your needs without compromising on the price.

As part of their swift service, your insurance documents can also be printed off avoiding the need for them to be sent to you by post. Great isn’t it?

Worry no more about Identity theft issues! Your personal information is well secured with their dedicated data centres. You are the one who will manage your Swiftcover Car Insurance online. Changing your password details or account information is very convenient.

swiftcover car insurance support number

What if I am involved in an accident with a driver who is not insured, will I still be covered?

Yes, there is no need to worry about uninsured drivers because cover against them is one of the major features of Swiftcover’s car insurance packages. You can get a quote by calling the Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8665 and you will be answered by their outstanding team of customer services representatives who will ensure that you receive a 5 star customer service experience.

What if my car has to go to the garage for repair?

That won’t be a problem as you will be provided with a courtesy car. You’ll never need to worry about having a car available.

Can I call them at any time?

Yes, they have contact centres that operate 24 / 7 for them to deliver outstanding support for their clients. Because Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number cares for you!

Is lifetime repair cover available?

Yes, Swiftcover has a wide network of car repair centres, guaranteeing you lifetime repair cover for your car.

Swiftcover Car Insurance Complaints Contact Number

If you have experienced any problems, please call their Telephone Number on 0843 515 8665. A standard fee of 5p / min may apply if you’re using a BT landline. Please be aware when you use other landline or mobile network there is a possibility that higher fees may be incurred. If you wish to know more about their other insurance packages check this link swiftcover insurance.

Do you need any help regarding your car cover? Please phone the insurer’s phone number to have your concerns addressed. They are willing to help you with whatever concern or problems you are facing relating to your car cover. All possible solutions will be provided in accordance to the insurer’s policy. We strongly advice to seek help if needed to avoid speculations that may lead to disapproving your claims.

For any suggestions or enquiries, you can also reach them by writing to them at:

Swift Court
Fudan Way
TS17 6EN.

What if I don’t make any claims while I am insured?

If you don’t  make any claims during this time, you will earn a “no claims discount” which will be applied on your next renewal.

swiftcover car insurance contact number

What if I want to choose a different car for the courtesy car service that they provide?

Good news! You can choose a better courtesy car if you upgrade the insurance package that you currently have.

What are the standard benefits I’ll get if I purchase a cover from them?

A single cover will have these benefits:

  1. Uninsured driver promise – will protect yourself in excess payments or losing any No Claims Discount.
  2. Lifetime guarantee on repairs – priority repair service guaranteed from affiliated repair shop.
  3. 24 hour UK-based claims line – the 24 hour support line will provide quick and easy claim process.
  4. Courtesy car – a car replacement is always ready and available if needed.

Do I still need to wait for the release of my Car insurance certificate?

No, the insurer will print directly your cortication even though it’s not yet been posted.

I want to update my details, is it free of charge?

Yes, you may call the insurer’s phone number to provide information with the concern.

I am worried of identity theft, how safe is their system?

The insurer has a standard encryption on their servers that are also widely used by business institutions around the world.

Do they offer customisable cover packages?

If you call their support number they’ll discuss it further with you.

What are the levels of cover on their single insurance package?

  1. Uninsured driver promise
  2. Wrong fuel cover
  3. Replacement of lost or stolen car keys
  4. Windscreen cover
  5. 24 hour UK-based claims line
  6. Dashcam discount
  7. £5,000 personal accident cover
  8. Courtesy car cover
  9. Car stereo cover
  10. Lifetime repair guarantee

What about third-party car insurance?

They are also offering those services. To know more about this concern you can phone their customer services hotline.


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