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Simple Caravan Insurance specializes in providing touring caravan insurance packages that are loaded with cover features for you to enjoy your caravan trips. If you want to know more about their insurance plans, you can call the Simple Caravan Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3662. Their insurance specialist will answer all your questions, provide suggestions and help you decide which caravan insurance package is best for your needs. Their contact centres operate 24 / 7 for easy access anytime of the day.

Why Simple Caravan Insurance is the best in providing caravan insurance packages?

Insurance packagres start from as low as £93 up to £165. This insurance package is loaded with features that will give you piece of mind, so you can make the most of your trip. Insurance packages are customisable depending on the policy holder’s needs.

What type of insurance plans are they currently offering?

They have two types of insurance plans which you can acquire. These are:

1. Static Caravan Insurance – you can purchase this insurance plan for as low as £85.

If you purchase the Static Caravan Insurance package:

·         Damages and loss of your caravan is covered up to £40,000.

·         Content loss and damages covered up to £10,000.

·         Alternative accommodation up to £1,000.

·         Any accidental damages to the caravan will be covered up to £40,000.

·         Accidental Loss of Keys and Damage to Locks will also be covered for £250.

·         Personal accident will also be covered up to £10,000.

·         Freezer food cover up to £200.

·         Public Liability coverage is up to £2 million.

2. Touring caravan Insurance – you can get this insurance plan for as low as £93.

·         Personal accident cover up to £20,000.

·         Loss and damages to your caravan will be covered up to £25,000.

·         Any content damages and loss will be covered for £5,000.

·         Do you want to extend your caravan trip? They can provide 120 – 220 European trip cover for you.

·         For an instance if towing driver of your caravan becomes sick they will cover your fair expenses back to your home up to £1,000.

·         Hotel Accommodation & Replacement Hire coverage up to £1,000.

·         Any Delivery and Recovery Costs will be covered up to £1,000.

·         Any accidental damages done to your caravan will be covered up to £25,000.

·         Accidental Loss of your Keys and Damage to Locks will be covered for £250.

·         You’ll be granted a Public Liability coverage up to £2 million.

Simple Caravan Insurance Contact Number

Experienced any problems or concerns? You can call the Simple Caravan Customer Service number on 0843 504 3662. They have call centres that operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide support and help you with your problems.

Do have any concerns regarding your caravan tours and static caravan locations? Phone the insurer’s helpline number to address your concern and help you process any claims if needed. If you are unsure or confused about your policy, please don’t hesitate to phone the insurer’s helpdesk number. They will help clear the information you need to further understand the terms of your policy.

For any suggestions or requests you can also reach them by writing a letter at:

Simple Caravan Insurance Direct House
Quay Point
Lakeside Boulevard
Doncaster, DN4 5PL.

Can I pay for my Caravan Insurance by Direct Debit?

Yes, they accept major credit cards and debit cards. You can choose an option whether you will apply for a monthly direct debit if required.

simple caravan insurance contact number

Can I choose the level of my Excess?

Yes, they provide flexible options that will suit your needs.

Can I still renew my insurance plan even it had expired already?

Yes, if you have enjoyed the insurance packages they are offering, you can always renew your subscription. If you wish to renew your subscription, you can always call the Simple Caravan Insurance Contact number on 0843 504 3662. They have a friendly insurance representative which will help you with your renewal request and renewal process.

What If I want to cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your insurance plan, you can visit the nearest Simple Caravn Insurance centre every Mon-Fri 9am-8pm / Sat 9am-5pm / Sun 10am-4pm or you can call them on their telephone number to further assist you with your request. Please be aware about the standard processing time of your cancellation request may vary depending on the insurance provider’s discretion.

Do you offer Accidental Damage cover?

Yes cover is provided for accidental damages. The Accidental Damage cover for your caravan is included as standard with all policies.

Do they offer discounts?

Yes, the insurer will provide discount if you will comply into these terms.

For Touring Caravan Cover

  1. Up to 10% discount will be availed if you use a CaSSOA Certified storage site.
  2. 25% discount will be given if the customer will use a Tracker on their caravan.
  3. 5% discount for Caravan Club members.
  4. 5% discount for customers over 40 years old.

For Static Caravan Cover

  1. Discounts for customers using an Alarm on their caravan
  2. Discounts for Caravan Club members

Do they offer policy add-on?

Yes, they are offering add-ons like “New for Old cover option”. To know more about the other add-ons please phone the insurer’s customer relations.

What are they offering?

For both packages you will be able to get these benefits:

  1. Loss or Damage to your Touring Caravan – will provide protection against serious damage caused by fire or flood. It is essential to most touring caravan.
  2. European trip cover – you’ll be protected while having a caravan trip around Europe. Standard duration is 120 days but you can increase the days up to 220 days by calling their customer relations.
  3. Accidental Loss of Keys and Damage to Locks cover – the insurer will shoulder the cost for the replacement.
  4. Loss or Damage to your Caravan’s Contents – they will grant Up to £5,000 cover for the contents of your caravan.
  5. Public Liability cover – If you or someone you lend your Touring Caravan to injures a member of the public, causing their death or causing damage to someone’s property in the event of an accident, then the insurance provider will cover you for up to £2 million to cover any compensation or legal costs you may incur as a result.
  6. Accidental Damage cover – for Panels and windows
  7. New for Old cover – the insurer will pay for caravan replacement on a New for Old basis if it is totally destroyed or stolen.
  8. Driver cover – If the driver of the vehicle towing the caravan becomes ill, then the driver will be protected. If the driver cannot drive because of illness, all fares to public transport will be refunded.
  9. Alternative Accommodation cover – Don’t let an accident put an end to your trip.
  10. Recovery and Delivery cover – if the caravan is uninhabitable, the insurer will help with the cost of repair and the cost of transporting your caravan for repair and returning it when the work has been done.
  11. Personal Accident cover – They will grant up to £20,000 of cover. This will help secure the members of the family while on a trip.


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