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The company was established in 1968 by Reverend Canon George Portal. With their experience in providing superb health care insurance, they are one of the most trusted insurance providers in UK. By calling the National Friendly Healthcare Contact Number on 0843 504 0537, you’ll be able to decide and get the perfect insurance plan for you.

What are the coverage areas of their insurance?

These are the major areas they can cover for their insurance plans

·        Medical claims for Healthcare & Healthguard

·        Dental & optical claims for Healthcare & Healthguard

·        NHS hospital stay claims for Healthcare

What are the requirements they need for my application?

They will require you to call their insurance representative and set for an appointment first before you can visit the nearest branch office. By doing this, they can properly assess and help you prepare all the needed documents for your application. To set for an appointment today you can call the National Friendly Healthcare Contact Number on 0843 504 0537.

If I need treatment, how can they help me?

They will help you with your treatment as long as you have completed their requirements such as medical consent form.

What if I need immediate medical treatment or testing?

If urgent treatment or testing is mandatory, they will require you to attend A&E (Accident & Emergency).

What are the requirements for me to claim my dental and optical cover?

After holding your policy for 6 months, they will now grant or allow your dental and optical claims.

national friendly healthcare contact number

National Friendly Healthcare Complaints Number

For any complaints that need escalation please don’t hesitate to call their support number on 0843 504 0537. A dedicated team of insurance specialists will help you with your complaints and provide 5- star customer service experience. If you have suggestions or any queries you may also write them at:

11-12 Queen Square
Bristol BS1 4NT

You can also send them an email on:

to help you process your claims and answer some of your queries.

How can I know if the dental or optical service is covered by their insurance?

They will provide documents that has all the included and excluded services for your dental and optical claims.

What will I need to claim my dental or optical coverage?

According to their insurance manual, you need to pay first to the service provider then you need to keep all the invoice from all of your treatments. After all of your treatments, you will need the invoice to claim for a money back from National Friendly Healthcare.

What are the requirements if I will be admitted to a hospital?

If you have stayed in an NHS hospital, you may be able to claim a cash payment from the insurance provider.

Is there a way to modify or upgrade my insurance plan?

To upgrade or modify your insurance plan you can set an appointment to visit their nearest branch or you can call National Friendly Healthcare Customer Service Number. It operates 24 / 7 and a team of professional health care specialists will help you with your policy modification or upgrade.

How can I make my payments?

They are accepting major credit cards, cash, cheque and debit card for your repayments.

How can I cancel my membership?

According to the insurance provider’s health care insurance policy guidelines, you will need to go to their branch office nearest to your place. You can also call National Friendly Healthcare Telephone Number to cancel your insurance plan. Please be aware that there will be a 30 business- day processing time for your request.

How will I know if the hospital or health care provider is affiliated with National Friendly Healthcare?

If you want to know more about their affiliated network, you should call their Help Line Number.

What if my health care provider is out of their network or not affiliated with them?

They will not cover it because they only provide cover with in-network health care provider.

What if my dental clinic is not affiliated with National Friendly Healthcare will they cover it?

According to their insurance policy guidelines you should call their help line number to let you know if the service provider will be covered. If they will grant the cover, usually 5-15% of the service fees will be covered by National Friendly Healthcare.

What are the steps to process a claim?

To process your claim, please be guided by the insurer’s requirements stated below:

a.       You should call the insurer before making any appointments.

b.      We strongly advice to have your policy number or account number before calling the claims helpdesk number.

c.       Keep in mind that your cover is limited and the insurer do not want you to incur unnecessary expenses.

d.      All claims must be pre-authorised by the insurer’s claims department before commencing any treatment.

e.      If the fees charged by your treatment provider exceed those on the list, the insurer’s claims team will find other alternative treatment that will work depending on your cover level.

f.        Failure to comply with these terms will result to failure in processing claim request.

What if I want to claim my dental cover?

To process your claim please follow these steps required by the insurer:

a.       Check your treatment if it’s covered.

b.      After a successful treatment, keep your receipt as you may need this to claim your money back from the insurer.

c.       The receipt should clearly show the name, address and qualifications of the treatment provider so the insurer can contact them. Also, they require the name of the person receiving the treatment, details of treatment and the confirmation that the practitioner has been paid for the treatment.

d.      Submit your claim form attached with the receipt.

national friendly healthcare help line number

How can I process my claim for a NHS hospital stay?

Please note that the insurer will only grant this to Healthcare policy holders only. To process your claim follow these steps as per the insurance provider’s requirements:

a.       Check if it’s covered by your policy.

b.      Submit your hospital discharged report after the confirmation from the insurer’s claims team so that they will cover it.

Do they have a health care service partner?

Yes, the insurer is in partnership with Grace Care.

What is Grace Care?

Grace Care is the leading provider of care advice services in the UK and has incomparable knowledge of the care system and other options available that can be beneficial for National Friendly Healthcare policy holders.

What other benefits are they offering?

They offer Expert care advice that you can rely on. This will determine or help you lower your cost from the beginning because you’re having the right treatment and care straight from healthcare professionals.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

To cancel your policy, you can call the insurer’s telephone number. They will help you process the cancelation of your policy.

What are the available payment options?

You can pay your premiums using your credit / debit cards or you can also visit the insurer provider’s nearest business centres in your location.


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