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Experience more than the usual home cover with More Than Home Insurance Contact Number

morethan home insurance telephone number

Call the More Than Home Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3649 and you’ll be informed with their latest insurance packages and discounts. These days, More Than Home Insurance packages offer 40% more savings than any other insurance provider in the country. They cover a standard amount ranging from £75,000 up to £500,000. You’ll be delighted with the wide variation of options from their insurance packages.

What are the major coverage of their insurance?

Currently, they are covering 2 major insurance. These are:

·         Building Insurance – This insurance package focuses mainly on the constructions and repair of the damage in your houses. This insurance package can be used to rebuild your home due to unfortunate events like extreme weather condition, flooding, fire and a lot more.

·         Content Insurance – This insurance package focuses mainly in the interior part of your home. Your computer, gadgets, jewelries and a lot more will be protected from lost, damage and theft.

What are the requirements for my application?

According to the insurance provider’s manual, you will be required to have an inventory of all your valuables inside and out of your home.  If you have high valued possession, they will require you to install an alarm system from their affiliated and professional alarm system installer in your home.

Is there extra features which I can add to my current home insurance plan?

Yes, by calling More Than Home Insurance Contact Number, they can provide additional features or add-ons for your current insurance plan.

More Than Home Insurance Complaints Number

If you need help for any concern you have you can always call the More Than Home Insurance Help Line Number on 0843 504 3649. They have a dedicated contact centre here in UK so you can reach them easily. Their contact centres operate 24 / 7 and they have great support team waiting for your concerns that need to be addressed. They value your support and investments that’s why they are always willing to help you out. For those of you who would rather write, please contact company at:

PO Box 825
Colmore Gate
Birmingham B3 2AY.

If you need to process your claims, we strongly advise you to call the insurer’s help desk number. Their insurance specialist will guide you throughout the process. They will also help you process your claims easily by letting you know the needed documents or requirements for your request.

You can also check their latest car cover here.

What are the add-ons they currently offer?

They are offering these extra features or add-ons for you to modify your current insurance policy.

·         Still not satisfied with your standard contents cover? They are offering contents cover upgrade for policy holders that need to enhance the protection of their personal possession. The standard cover will be modified with extra features boosting its coverage and claim value range.

·         Worried about extreme weather conditions? Not anymore! More Than Home Insurance offers extra great value and protection in terms of the building structure of your home. This extra feature will boost the insurance coverage range and the allowable amount that can be claimed when your home or house gets devastated by any extreme weather condition.

·         Do you have an extra emergency coverage for your home? Not a problem as they are offering home emergency upgrade. This extra feature will help you handle unexpected emergencies that could happen in your home.

·         Do you want to have legal services coverage? Yes, they can provide legal services for policy holders that want extra protection and feature for their home insurance packages.

·         What about the contents outside my home can they still be covered? Yes, contents outside your home can still be covered by their insurance. Usually, this add-on covers your backyard, gate, fences and a lot more. To know more about these extra features or add-ons you can call the More Than Home Insurance Support Number on 0843 504 3649. A team of friendly and courteous home insurance agents are willing to assist you and answer all your questions regarding these features. We strongly advice to talk to them so that you’ll be more aware about the insurance provider’s home insurance policy.

·         How about my bicycle can they still cover it? Yes, they can still cover it. But you’ll need to pay extra to get this additional feature.

morethan home insurance contact number

What if I want to cancel my application?

To further assist you with your concern you can always call their customer services number for you to be able to discuss the cancelation of your home insurance application. Please be aware that there will be a standard processing business days for your request.

Why choose More Than Home Insurance?

a.      You can avail a cover for as little as £99.

b.      Up to 40% more savings versus other insurance provider proven by an online research.

c.       Comprehensive insurance full of features and benefits.

d.      Standard cover for content is £75,000.

e.      Building cover gets £500,000 standard cover.

f.        The insurer provided 88% of home claims over £10,000 to their respective clients and that excludes extreme weather events.

g.      Great optional extra services or add-ons to your insurance.

h.      Dedicated home insurance customer service help line number operates 24 / 7.

Do they offer any extra services or add-ons?

Yes, these are:

a.      Contents outside your home cover

b.      Contents cover upgrade

c.       Home Emergency cover upgrade

d.      Legal Services

e.      Bicycles away from the home cover

f.        Buildings cover upgrade

For more information, you are always welcome to call the insurer’s help line number anytime of the day. Expect 5 star customer service from their professional insurance specialist.

morethan home insurance support number

What are the modes of payment available?

You can pay for your monthly premiums using your credit or debit card. You can also visit the nearest More Than Insurance Business Centres.

What are the features in their Building Insurance?

a.      Emergency accommodation – If your home is damaged and is uninhabitable, the insurer will the cost up to £30,000 to secure you and your family to a temporary accommodation while your home is under repair. They also cover the rehousing of your pets.

b.      Home emergency assistance – You’ll get a standard of £200 home emergency assistance.

c.       Accidental damage – They can provide cover for accidental breakage of drains and pipes, accidental damage to cables and underground tanks used to provide services to or from your home, broken windows, baths and toilets if you choose the accidental damage optional extra. For more information please call the More Than Home Insurance Customer Services Contact Number.

What are the features in their Content Insurance?

a.      You can provide protection to your valuables up to £75,000 worth of cover.

b.      New and old items will be replaced with new items.

c.       Alternative accommodations.

d.      High risk items cover.

e.      Personal jewellery and watches protection up to £1,000 per item and a total of £7,500 unless specified on your policy.

f.        Rest assured they’ll help you replace the irreplaceable.

g.      Home emergency assistance up to £200. You can also choose to upgrade to £1,000 worth of cover.

h.      Accidental damage protection – you’ll be protected against accidental damage and accidental loss within your home. Accidental damage covers damage to your TV, satellite, video, audio and computer equipment, carpets and furniture and breakage of mirrors, ceramic hobs or any glass furniture such as tables or cabinets.

i.        Extra personalized add-ons – you can call their insurance specialist to help you upgrade your cover.

What are the features for their Legal Services?

a.      Standard of £50,000 of legal expenses.

b.      Employment – disputes over your contract or a breach of your duties as an employee.

c.       Residential – legal actions related to your home

d.      Personal injury – injuries caused to you by another person or an organisation

e.      Tax – costs of an enquiry into your income

f.        Consumer protection – disputes over a contract for buying or renting goods or services

g.      Free legal advice that operates 24 /7.

h.      Free online legal documents.


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