More Than Car Insurance Contact Number

More Than Car Insurance Contact Number

Call More Than Car Insurance Contact Number now and you’ll know why they are considered as one of the premier insurance provider that can provide and deliver comprehensive car cover.

By calling the More Than Car Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3650, you’ll be delighted with their affordable yet full of features car insurance packages which are helpful for providing cover on your investment. If you are using your car regularly then this is a great opportunity to be a part of a great car cover policy only More Than Car Insurance can provide.

morethan car insurance contact number

What coverage does More Than Car Insurance provide?

1.       Worried about the accidental damages to your car or you have delivered to other cars? Not today! More Than Car Insurance will provide you a comprehensive and fully-packed car insurance coverage. Whatever situation you’re at, they will always find a way to help you out.

2.       They are also offering third party fire and theft coverage. Worry no more about these unfortunate events. Why wait for these things to happen? Ensure a car cover now and get a policy today.

3.       24 / 7 helpline. Yes they have a 24 / 7 support help line number. You can reach them easily and they will respond to your request in a timely manner. They value your time and your patronage that’s why giving quality customer care or customer service is one of their edge among the rest.

4.       Had a bad experience from a car breakdown before? Never again! With their comprehensive car breakdown insurance packages, you’ll be covered from car breakdown anywhere and anytime. You can now ease your mind and travel with peace.

5.       Why More Than Car Insurance is highly appreciated and recommended by everyone? It is because they care for their clients. They value you as one of their investments. Why choose another car insurance provider? Choose the best! Get a car insurance policy today by calling More Than Car Insurance Contact Number.

6.       They offer free post-accidental professional counselling, free medical helpline available for you 24 / 7 from their in-network or affiliated team of doctors, nurses and free legal advice helpline. Great isn’t it? If you call the More Than Car Insurance Hot Line Number on 0843 504 3650 and get a plan today, you will be able to get this amazing car insurance features in no time. As part of their superb customer service, you will be answered by their car insurance specialist who’s willing to answer your queries and assist you along the way to experience these car insurance coverages.

What If I wasn’t able to claim any of my car insurance packages in a year?

If you weren’t able to make claims until the expiration of your policy, they will give you a special bonus of no claims discount. If you have never claimed any of the insurance benefits for 4 years then you will be entitled to have a No Claim Bonus for the life of your policy.

More Than Car Insurance Complaints Number

Having problems or concern with your current car insurance plan? Call the More Than Car Insurance Help Line Number on 0843 504 3650 and a great team of customer service representative will help you solve the problems you encountered. For any suggestions or request you can also reach them by writing a letter at:

PO Box 825
Colmore Gate
Birmingham B3 2AY.

Do you wish to process your claims quickly and hassle free? By calling the More Than Car Insurance Telephone Number, you’ll be assisted with 5 star customer service experience. They will help you process your claims and guide you through out the process so you can get your claim in no time.

You can also check the latest in their Home Insurance here.

Is there a car insurance feature that makes them unique to other car insurance provider?

Yes. Because they value your safety, they have a “smart drive” car insurance feature where your safety is a priority. You will also get a 10% cash back if you use this feature. There will be no curfew or mileage limits so you can drive your car anytime anywhere.

What If I was involved in an accident and my car was damaged and needs to be repaired?

They will provide a courtesy car for your personal use. You can choose your preferred courtesy car from the available units. If your car is broken, then it will be forwarded to their in-network repair shop so that your car will be restored in no time. Call the More Than Car Insurance Contact Number now for help.

What If I want to cancel my current car insurance subscription?

If you want to cancel your policy you can always call their hot line number to further assist you with your concern or you can visit the nearest More Than Car Insurance branch on your place.

Why choose More Than Car Insurance?

a.      You can get a cover for as little as £159.

b.      Guaranteed savings of 25% more versus other leading insurance providers.

c.       Great customer service support.

d.      A 24 hours a day 7 days a week help desk number is ready to help you anytime of the day.

e.      More satisfied clients.

f.        The policy is loaded with features and benefits that can protect your car better.

morethan car insurance telephone number

What are the cover that we can get if we buy a policy from them?

a.      Comprehensive Car Insurance – will cover accidental damage caused to your car and damage or injury you caused another vehicle or its driver in an accident. Loss or damage to your car through fire or theft is also covered.

b.      Third Party, Fire & Theft – The Insurer will cover the damage or injury you cause to another vehicle and/or its driver. But it doesn’t cover your own vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident.

c.       Customer help for Car Insurance – a reliable help desk number is provided by the insurer to help their valued clients process their claims hassle free.

d.      Four great levels of Breakdown Cover with services provided by RAC – RAC provides assistant to stranded car owners due to car breakdown for over 100 years in UK.

e.      More Than just an insurance – if you are a policy holder then you are entitled to avail this well-being services like free medical helpline monitored by a team of doctors and nurses, free post-accidental professional counselling helpline and free legal advice helpline.

What are the Breakdown Cover provided by RAC?

a.      Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Homecall & European Assistance – worry no more about breakdown even in your own home because they got you covered.

b.      Roadside Assistance, Recovery and European Assistance – you’ll be covered even when you are driving outside UK particularly other European countries. To know more information about this package you may call the More Than Car Insurance Contact Number. Please note that standard fee of 7p / minute applies if you are calling to a local landline plus your phone company’s operating charge.

Why Legal Assistance Plan will be important to you?

a.      Legal expenses – When you choose Legal Assistance Plan you’ll benefit claiming legal expenses to recover uninsured losses.

b.      Legal documents – You’ll have access to over 150 quality legal documents which can all be reviewed by the insurer’s expert legal team.

c.       Legal representation – You can either choose your own legal representation or choose from our panel of legal firms. It’s up to you.


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