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Get a mobile phone policy today from Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance and you’ll be pleased with their great mobile phone insurance packages.

By calling from Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance Contact Number, you’ll learn more about their current mobile insurance packages that will help you protect your beloved mobile phone.

What are the features and benefits I’ll receive when I get a policy from them?

If you get a policy from them, you’ll be given free storage up to 5GB of data for your mobile phone. Please be aware that the compatibility of this feature may be subjected to the policy holder’s handset compatibility.

How does it work?

You just need to visit their website to download their app named “Save What Matters.” This app will help you track your mobile phone’s location if it gets stolen or lost. You can use this app to remotely delete files from your mobile phones if it was stolen or lost. This wonderful app will empower the policy holder to make a total lock-down of his or her phone from other users. You can also use this app to set an alarm for your phone. For additional information, you may call Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance Contact Number at 0843 504 3651. Their technical support team will enlighten you on what amazing things this wonderful app can do. Please be aware that their contact centre is accessible anytime of the day. Don’t hesitate to call them if you have queries about their insurance policies.

lloyds bank mobile phone insurance contact number

What If I have already downloaded the app before?

As for the insurance provider’s manual, you need to log back on the app itself so you can access your saved data or back up online.

I forgotten my password. Is there a way for me to retrieve it?

According to their insurance manual, you’ll be able to retrieve your password by pressing the forgot password link in the app then an email will be sent to you with your password. You can also call Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance Service Number 0843 504 3651. Their support team will assist you retrieving your password. They can also provide tips on how you can properly manage your phone and maximize the usage of “Save What Matters” mobile app.

How much does Save What Matters cost?

“Save What Matters” is a free application specially created to provide services to their client’s policy holders that has Gold, Premier, Private Banking Platinum and Mayfair AVA. Please be aware that the insurance provider will not charge any data transfer however charges may apply with your current mobile network provider.

What if I don’t have an unlimited data for my phone, how can I backup my data online with your “Save What Matters” app?

If you don’t have an unlimited mobile data, they will advise you to use a Wi-Fi connection or you can connect to any business centre or buildings that offers free Wi-Fi connection. Please be aware about Wi-Fi security concerns when connecting to public access point or any establishment offering Wi-Fi connections.

Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance Complaints Number

If you have encountered any problems or concerns and it needs escalation, please don’t vacillate to call Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance Hotline Number at 0843 504 3651. Their dedicated technical support team is always open to provide solution for any problems you’ll encounter. This support team is highly capable and can provide 5 star quality customer service. For those of you who wants to contact the company, you can send a letter at Lloyds Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales No. 2065.

How long does an online full backup will take?

According to the insurance provider’s technical advisors, a full backup time will differ from the phone specifications and the file sizes that you are going to upload from your phone to their servers. Other factors such as mobile network coverage, network congestions, upload speed, and weather interference may affect the backup time duration or synchronization.

Does “Save What Matters” app available on iPhone?

Yes. They have already released a working app for iOS this app will help iPhone users to experience this wonderful app experience from Lloyds Bank Mobile Phone Insurance.

lloyds bank mobile phone insurance hotline number

What if I want to save my phone contact details?

This feature can be added to your current plan by calling their hotline number or you can visit their business centres to help you modify your policy.


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