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Wherever we go, our safety is our utmost priority. We do a lot of precautionary measures to ensure our safety in everything we do especially during our travels. Also, getting the most out of our paid travel is also essential which makes cancellation and delays such a trouble. The best way to handle and prepare for these unexpected problems is to have travel insurance and you can get the best plan that suits your needs and financial capabilities from John Lewis Travel Insurance .

john lewis travel insurance hotline number

What is travel insurance and how can I reach John Lewis Travel Insurance Contact Number?

An insurance travel plan from John Lewis will allow you to protect yourself from financial and medical related expenses that perhaps you may encounter on a trip. You can reach them by contacting the John Lewis Travel Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8461 a standard charge of 5p per minute is required for you to make a successful call. Please be advised that calls from mobiles and other landline providers may be subject to higher costs. a dedicated contact centre is open daily to answer all your questions. It is operated by a team of highly customer oriented professionals which will help you decide and assist you on what travel insurance package is the best for you.

Can volcano eruption / ashes affect my travel insurance policy?

The insurance plan covers delays caused by such event. If the airspace is being closed for the safety of its passenger and you have already purchased a ticket, your insurance policy will cover for the loss that resulted from delayed departures or closed airspace.

john lewis travel insurance telephone number

What are the criteria or requirements for pre-existing medical conditions and how they are covering it?

A pre-existing medical condition is an injury, illness or disability that have happened in the past and can affect or limit the person’s health capability in the future. It is always a good idea to speak to the insurer you are thinking of using to check whether they will include your condition on the policy.

John Lewis Travel Insurance will cover the pre-existing condition of a client as long as he / she disclosed it and the company accepted during the insurance application.

John Lewis Travel Insurance Complaints Contact Number

If you would like to contact them for any complaint regarding the John Lewis Travel Insurance policies, please call their telephone number 0843 515 8461 and speak to our friendly and courteous customer services member.

Are you unsatisfied with the services of your current or previous insurance provider? Today’s the day we’ll help you find the best insurance provider that will keep the agreed policies and make the most out of your benefits.  For every concern related to:

  1. lost or delayed luggage – if a policyholder’s luggage was lost.
  2. medical expenses – if the policyholder was hospitalised during the trip.
  3. personal possessions – if the policyholder lost their bag, including money and passport.
  4. cancellation of a holiday – a policyholder cancelled their holiday because a family member fell ill.
  5. holiday cut short – the holiday was cut short because a policy holder was ill and had to return home.
  6. volcanic ash-cloud – arising from delays and disruption caused by ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland

The insurer’s customer relations number will help you find a way to give you the services you need and agree with your demands that are considerable with their policies. They are also providing travel advisory to their valued clients before and during their trip. They are also providing assistance for concerns related to:

  1. Visa and passport requirements and procedures
  2. Advice with lost tickets, luggage, passports and credit cards
  3. Health issues (local epidemics, AIDS risks, child issues)
  4. Culture, language and customs

Message forwarding – the insurer will forward up to three emergency messages on your behalf while you’re abroad. Please note that this service is not able to help with general policy, claims or medical screening enquiries.

For those people who prefers to write them a letter you can drop a mail at:

John Lewis plc Registered office:
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN.

They also provide insurance packages such as pet insurance, home insurance and car insurance that can help you.

Why it’s important to choose this good value for money Insurance plan and how will I benefit from it?

You can choose the best type or level of cover that suits your needs. Each type or level has a certain insurance coverage. You should choose an insurance package perk that can be reasonable with your travel requirements. These are the three level of insurance packages that John Lewis can offer to a smart traveller like you.

john lewis travel insurance contact number

1.      The Essential package insurance plan

  • You can receive up to £1,000 for a cancellation of your trip.
  • You will be covered up to £2,000,000 emergency medical expenses.
  • A coverage of £300 for Travel Delays caused by unexpected weather and safety conditions.

2.      The Plus insurance package plan

  • You can receive up to £5,000 for cancellations of your trip that you have made.
  • You will get a coverage of £1,500 for your personal belongings.
  • Good news! You will have a £500 special coverage for an important document and money that you will bring on your travel.

3.      The Premier insurance package plan

  •  A £8,000 cover plan is expected for cancellations of your trip.
  • An average of £10,000,000 will be granted for emergency medical expenses
  • Your personal belongings will be covered up to £2,500. Great isn’t it?

24/7 Help line is available from John Lewis Travel Insurance Contact Number 0843 515 8461. Their professional and friendly support team are always willing to give reassurance and 5 star help, regardless of the situation.

Is there an age limit applied to their policy?

Multi-Trip travel insurance is not available on a person under 74 years old. However, there is a no age limit policy for single trip travel insurance.

I usually bring more gadgets on a trip. Will it all be covered by the insurance?

Yes.  It will be covered if you are a policy holder of plus and premier travel insurance packages. Laptops, tablets and other gadgets can be covered by the insurance. Your mobile phones are excluded from Technology Cover; however, they will grant you an additional £2,500 of baggage including sports equipment.

Is there a limit to the length of my holiday cover?

Yes. They can allow a holiday up to six months as long as you’re 64 years old or younger. If you’re older than 65, then the maximum trip length is 31 days. For twelve-monthly Multi-Trip cover, the maximum length of each trip is 31 days.

I usually travel for business appointment on a regular basis. Can I be covered?

Yes, Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip packages can cover your business trips. This policy doesn’t give you cover if  you are planning to use it for manual work in connection with a profession, business or trade, all non-manual work will be covered.

When does my cover start?

According to the insurer’s manual, for single trip policy, your cover will start as soon as you had arranged the payment. For annual policy the start date will begins on the policy start date you’ve selected.

I have kids. Are they going to be covered if I’ll get an annual cover policy?

Yes. They have an annual multi-travel policy that covers two adults under 65 years old. They also cover unlimited number of dependents (son, step-child, grandchild, foster child, and daughter) that are under 18 years old or 21 years old if they are pursuing a full education.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

You can always call their customer relations contact centres to further assist you with your cancellation.

What countries that are covered by the travel insurance?

The insurance coverage will depend solely on the policy that you want to purchase. These are the types of policies that you can avail to the insurer:

European Cover – Europe, the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland, the Canary Islands, Algeria, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Madeira, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey

Worldwide Cover – Worldwide except the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean

Worldwide and US Cover – Worldwide including the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean

There are several countries that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has announced as unsuitable. If that’s the case, the insurer may not cover you if you’re travelling to these countries. If wish to know more about this information, you can call the insurer’s contact number provided for you.

I am currently residing in the Channel Islands, can I still purchase their Travel Insurance?

Cover is available to residents of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, the insurer can’t provide cover for individuals that are living in Channel Islands.

What is Cancellation Cover?

If for an instance you have to cancel your holiday due to circumstances beyond your control, the insurer will let you claim up to £8,000 (Premier Cover Policies). The insurer will provide this cover to help you pay the expenses of your trip. Cancellation Cover starts on the date of issue of your Policy Schedule and ends when you return home after your trip.

What if I have a pre-existing condition, will they going to cover it?

Yes. According to the insurer’s policy, if you have a Plus or Premier Cover then your pre-existing condition will be covered. They will cover most of the pre-existing conditions, as long as you’ll provide accurate details on your medical condition. Please be advised that the insurer have the right to reject or decline any claims that are not disclosed to them.

I have quite a lot of gadgets, will they all be covered?

Yes due to their exclusive insurance for your gadgets. This cover is called Technology Cover under Plus and Premier Travel Insurance to protect your gadgets like laptops, tablets etc. Please be aware that they are not providing cover for your mobile phones. However, you’ll get a £2,500 additional cover for your baggage including any sports equipment.


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