John Lewis Pet Insurance Contact Number

What’s the cheapest John Lewis pet insurance contact number?

John Lewis Pet Insurance Phone NumberWith the increased animal welfare awareness, people are more concerned about their furry companion nowadays. Most of pet owners now treat them as a part of their family. Others sign up their pets to insurances to better protect and take care of the animal’s health and well- being. One of today’s best pet insurance is John Lewis Pet Insurance which covers both cats and dogs. You can call John Lewis Pet Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8462 their professional and dedicated support team will assist you with your needs. Also, by calling John Lewis Pet Insurance customer services number all your queries will be answered and you will be updated with their promotions and discounts for every pet insurance packages you’ll planning to avail.

Are there any policy restrictions or conditions?

John Lewis Pet Insurance can accept your pets for as early as eight weeks old with no limit upper age. The only benefit that has a duration is the Death from Illness benefit. If your pet is nine years or older and must be put to sleep or it died due to sickness, the company will not refund the cost of the insurance. Though John Lewis Pet Insurance accepts dogs, there are dog breeds that cannot be covered by the insurance but should be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991). You can contact the John Lewis Pet Insurance contact  to get the list of dog breeds that cannot be covered by their insurance.

Calls to the John Lewis Pet Insurance Contact Number 0843 515 8462 are charged at 5p / minute from a BT landline. Calls from other networks or mobile devices may cost more and is always worth checking with your current provider. We are in no way affiliated with John Lewis.

What do the insurance packages cover?

Pet Insurance packages are well equipped with features such as:

  • Three levels of cover – the essential cover is the best insurance package suit for a budget conscious individuals and it includes all the needs of your pets.
  • Long Term Cover – Yes, they can deliver long term cover to up ease your mind.
  • No upper age limit policy – As early as eight weeks your pet is accepted to avail this wonderful insurance package.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly service – All of their staff and support team are highly trained professionals which will help you attain the information and services you are planning to make inquiries or apply.

What is a cover level? How can it be beneficial for my pet?

It is the level of veterinary consultation and medication fees that you can use on their in-network veterinarians to provide treatment for your pets. If you’re a type of policy holder that regularly renew your policy with them, they will grant a no time-limit on how long treatment can last and they will also pay up to your chosen veterinarian fee limit yearly for treatment needed by your pet.

John Lewis Pet Insurance Complaints Contact Number

If you have any complaints that need escalating please use the 0843 515 8462. Here there are trained members of the customer service team that are able to deal with your John Lewis Pet Insurance complaint effectively.

If you have experienced rejected claims by other insurance provider due to these reasons (stated below),

  1. pre-existing condition
  2. The policy that limits a cover for treatment
  3. “failed to take reasonable care”
  4. Incorrect date of diagnosis on claims form, resulting to refusal of insurer granting a claim.
  5. A specific treatment not carried out by a vet or an in-network affiliate member resulting to the insurer’s refusal on allowing claims because of the insurer’s policy as a part of treatment (i.e. hydrotherapy).
  6. Other concerns or unpleasant experience from a previous insurer.

please don’t hesitate to call John Lewis Pet Insurance helpdesk number provided for you and they’ll be pleased to help you with your concerns. By calling their contact number, more of your questions will be answered and you’ll be able to learn more about their other services. Everyone has issues, especially when it comes to your loved ones and these complaints procedures have been put in place in order to deal with common problems that arise. You can send them a letter at:

John Lewis plc Registered office
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN.

There claim number is open during Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm and Saturday: 9am – 5pm. They would be pleased to answer all your queries. For those of you who are in need or interested to explore their other valued services, you may check these links travel cover, home cover and car cover.

John Lewis Pet Insurance Contact Number

What level of cover are available?

  • The Essential Cover includes:

    • You can avail up to £3,000 a year for every veterinarian fees
    • You can avail up to £1m Third Party Liability particularly for dogs only
    • A £500 Boarding Kennel and Cattery fee for your pets
    • That’s not all! A 24 hour vetfone advice line is included
  • The Plus Cover includes:

    • You can avail up to £7,500 a year for every veterinarian fees
    • You can avail up to £2m Third Party Liability particularly for dogs only
    • A £1000 Boarding Kennel and Cattery fee for your pets
    • A 24 hour vetfone advice line is included
  • The Premier Cover includes:

    • You can avail up to £12,000 a year for every veterinarian fees
    • You can avail up to £3m Third Party Liability particularly for dogs only
    • A £2000 Boarding Kennel and Cattery fee for your pets
    • That’s not all! A 24 hour vetfone advice line is included

Great isn’t it? This type of policies were usually available for a limited time, other policy covers only a specific conditions for specific period of time. What are you waiting for? Call their phone number, apply and experience this wonderful insurance packages for your pets.

How are they going to calculate my premium?

These are the primary factors that could affect the insurance coverage and premium.

The age of your pet: older pets are considered to be more prone to sickness and often need medical attention so as the younger ones because their immune system haven’t been fully developed.
You pet’s breed: Most of your pets may need treatments.
Where you live: Consultation fees to a veterinarian may vary depending on your current location.

How can I save more with my premiums?

  1. Keep your pet fit and sound.
  2. If you are planning to have a pet, choose a breed that are not associated with high premium.
  3. Having numerous pets may be covered for a big discount by the insurer.
  4. Increasing your excess may help in reducing your premium
  5. Knowing all the information for each insurance cover / level will help you choose the best insurance coverage that would fit for your needs.

John Lewis Pet Insurance Telephone Number

Do I get a discount if I insure more than one pet with you?

Yes, John Lewis can offer a 5% discount when you insure all of your pets.

Do I need to pay every time I visit a veterinarian or are they going to reimburse my payment?

The insurer will provide the payment for every appoint you made visiting the veterinarian. If you’ve already settled the payment, then they’ll reimburse it for you. If a veterinarian has to do unexpected visit due to emergency, then they might ask for payment for their services.

I am planning to travel abroad. Will my pet can still be covered if I’ll bring it?

Yes, if your premium is Plus and Premier Cover then the insurance provider can provide cover for your pet. You’ll be covered for 3 trips in any period of the insurance and the trip can last for 60 days. Please be aware of the insurer’s policy regarding this matter. The insurer requires you to comply its requirements while travelling in countries that are members of the PETS travel scheme.

What if my dog or cat is missing, how can they help me?

You can call the insurer’s helpdesk number and they’ll need the incident details or information from you. After you had given the needed information, that’s the time they’ll be able to process and issue a claim form. You can also report the incident to your pet tracker provider (e.g Petlog) and your local rescue centres. If your dog is missing, you can report to the police and local dog warden (if you have one). Please be aware that their claims department will need evidence before they will process your claim.

What help will I get from a VetPhone?

A vet phone is a 24 / 7 support services that will allow you to phone a veterinarian or a qualified veterinary nurse. They can provide professional advice on certain situations that need immediate and proper response to help you take good care of your pets.

A call to vetfone won’t affect your premium or policy excess, however if you phone them many times it will affect your premium.

During weekend or out of hours, they’ll be able to direct you to the nearest emergency vet. They’ll also advice you if you can wait for surgery during opening times which can potentially save you money on unnecessary out of hour trips.

When does the cover normally start?

The insurer can accept your cat and dog from eight weeks old and there’s no upper age limit. However, any accident or incident happened within 48 hours after the cover implements will not be covered for any veterinarian fees. For any changes in your pet’s health or behaviour in the first 14 days of cover or death from Illness is not available once your pet reaches 9 years old.

Is there a way where I can reduce my premiums?

Yes, if you do the following, then the insurer will have no reason to increase your premiums:

  1. Increasing your excess may help to reduce your premium
  2. Keep your pets healthy and fit – by doing frequent exercise bringing them for a neighbourhood walk which will make them healthy and most importantly, provide proper food nutrition.
  3. Choose the right cover that you need.
  4. Neutering, micro-chipping and vaccinating may help to reduce premiums and ensure your pet stays covered.

Are they offering alternative cover?

Yes, these are the alternative cover that they provide:

  1. Accident Only Cover – this insurance package are exclusive for accident related situations ONLY, other non- accident related incidents are not covered.
  2. Time Limited Cover – exclusive only for a set period of time. After the agreed time, the condition is no longer covered and you cannot claim for it.
  3. Maximum Benefit Cover – allows you to claim up to a certain amount for each condition, once this amount has been reached, you could no longer claim for this condition.

How can I pay for my policy?

They are offering their customer different choices of payment methods. You can either pay for the full amount with a credit or debit card or you can pay by setting up a Monthly Direct Debit. Please note they don’t charge any interest if you are planning to have monthly payment.


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