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john lewis home insurance contact number

Today’s your lucky day! By contacting the John Lewis Home Insurance contact number on 0843 515 8457 you’ll find the perfect solution for your frustrations and troubles which will be addressed properly. John Lewis Home Insurance provides a competitive insurance packages that is reasonable and they value your hard work in obtaining that property. That’s why they are here to help you. By calling their hotline number, you will be updated with their promotions and discounts which can help you choose and acquire the perfect home insurance package for your home.

What exactly does a John Lewis Home Insurance plan can cover?

The insurance coverage will include the complete structure of your property which includes, side panels, rooftops, gates, fences, hedges, fixtures, equipment etc. You will be also protected from numerous potential risks like fire, flood and storm, break-ins, and other unexpected misfortunes.

Will my present mortgage lender accept John Lewis Home Insurance policy?

Yes. Their company is one of the leading home insurance provider in the country and it is well-known to most mortgage lenders or banks that are operating in United Kingdom. Your present home mortgage lender will only need the home insurance specification for them to know which of the home insurance packages will pass on the criteria they are requiring. For more details on what we have discussed here on John Lewis Home Insurance, please call their Helpline number.

Calls to John Lewis Home Insurance Contact Number 0843 515 8457 are charged at 5p per minute with a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other landline providers may have higher charges.

Can a burglar or intruder alarm help reduce the amount that you have to pay?

Definitely, yes. They will automatically consider to lower the amount that you will be paying as long as the installation and the maintenance of the home security feature is maintained by a professional company specialized in providing an alarm system for your home. It is advisable to turn always turn it on when you’re planning to go outside or planning to have a trip.

Can an uninhabited home also be covered by the home insurance?

john lewis home insurance hotline numberYes. Because of its flexibility and reliability, John Lewis Home Insurance packages can cover your unoccupied home for an insurance package. If your property is frequently unoccupied due to personal or business reasons, they can cover and ensure the protection of your property for a minimum of 60 days.

John Lewis Home Insurance Complaints Number

If you have encountered any problem or complaint that needs escalation, we have a customer services number which will put you in touch with a team of dedicated customer service agents who are willing to help with your situation. John Lewis Home Insurance Contact Number 0843 5158457 is open for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, aimed to help with your home insurance issues.
If you have any concern particularly related to your home cover packages that needs solving or you wish to process a claim immediately, please phone the insurers customer relations contact centres. For those of you who would rather write, please contact Company at:

John Lewis plc Registered office:
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN.

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Will I get any extra benefits or perks if I’ll pay my insurance application with my partnership card?

Yes. When you’re shopping with John Lewis, Waitrose and other affiliated businesses using their partnership card, you can earn an accumulated reward points for every £1 spent. The accumulated reward points can be used as a discount or it can be converted for gift items.  Great isn’t it?

Does this policy include Legal expenses coverage for my home?

They offer legal expenses as an add-on or optional extra for the insurance packages. They will grant up to £100,000 coverage for costs of a certain family legal matters. They also provide a free 24 hour helpline for any legal matters. This extra insurance package option is also available to those who have selected this option when they customize or arranged their desired policy.

Can they cover my bicycles?

Yes, A Pedal Cycle Cover can be covered if you add this option to your policy when you get a quote. This extra option will cover any loss or damage to your pedal cycle and their accessories while you’re in Europe, or anyplace in the world for up to 60 days.

Are they going to cover my telly and computer?

No, because these items are usually found on most households. They consider those items as household furnishing even though they are often value a lot of money.

How do I make a claim?

To process your claim, you can visit the nearest Jon Lewis branch office or you can call their helpline. From Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and 9am – 5pm Saturday.

What is a policy excess?

It is the amount that you pay upon making claims. The excess payment that you make will reduce the amount that you regularly pay for your cover.

What if our home is damaged by a storm?

You may phone their 24- hour customer relations contact centres to help you process the claim. They will also provide a £1,500 cover for labour and parts. Please note that the insurer may require pictures of the damages done by the storm. More severe damage may need to be assessed by a loss adjuster before you can get repairs done. Be safe and don’t attempt to check structural damage yourself – your insurer will arrange for a professional to do it. The insurer will provide accommodations for you and your family during the repair of your home. If you choose to rent a flat instead of living in the insurer’s provided accommodation, they will provide 20% of the total amount of your insured contents. If your home is uninhabitable, they will cover the total cost for up to three years.

Are they offering unlimited Buildings and Contents Cover?

Yes. They are covering this type of benefits if you purchase their Premier insurance packages. You don’t need to estimate your property’s value and you’ll get unlimited cover.

What are the benefits of having Premier cover?

Their Unlimited Buildings Insurance can cover the cost of rebuilding your home following damage from fire, storms, flooding, subsidence and more. It also includes Unlimited Contents Insurance, your valuable items are protected up to £3,000 per item – to a total of £40,000.

Are they offering a personal possession cover even though I used to travel to different countries more often?

They can provide protection to your belongings wherever you go with Worldwide Personal Possessions Cover up to £25,000. (Not yet specified) Single item limits may apply.


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