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john lewis car insurance contact numberProtect your car now – try John Lewis Car Insurance Contact Number

By calling John Lewis Car Insurance Contact Number they can provide all of your insurance needs to protect your prized possession.

Having a car is one of your biggest investments and it is crucial that you take care of it along with your other assets. One of the best ways to take care of your car is to make sure it’s got the best insurance policy.

John Lewis Car Insurance accepts drivers as young as 17 to the age of 99. Even those who have provisional licences can sign up for their services. You just need to follow the usual steps of applying for car insurance with an online application. If you can call the John Lewis Car Insurance Support Number on 0843 515 8459 right now, you can take advantage of some of their limited time promotions and discounts for a car insurance package that you’ll definitely benefit from.

john lewis car insurance hotline numberWill I be able to redeem or use my No Claims discount?

Yes as long as you hold proof of your no claims discount and have a clean driving history. However, there is still a need to verify your No Claims discount from your previous insurer in most cases.

Can I also use my No claims discount on my second vehicle to my policy?

No. Only one No Claims discount for one policy. However, John Lewis Car Insurance can offer discounts when you sign up your second car with them.

How long is the duration of my car insurance with John Lewis?

The car insurance policies usually last up to 12 months. The company will send you the details of your renewal in advance before your renewal date. However, if you wish to cancel your services you can call their Car Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8459 and their dedicated customer service team will accommodate you.

Are imported cars from outside Europe still covered by John Lewis Car Insurance?

Yes. The company can provide cover for most imported cars. However, a call to their telephone number might be necessary to discuss some important points.

John Lewis Car Insurance Complaints number

If you’re unhappy with your service or you have any concern that you want to bring into their attention, you can call the John Lewis Car Insurance Phone Number on 0843 515 8459 and their team will gladly assist and accommodate you. If you have problems processing your complaints or having problems regarding your car, you can phone their customer relations contact centres. They are always willing to help you on whatever concerns or problems you are encountering because the insurer cares for you and your investments.

You can also contact them by writing a mail at:

John Lewis plc Registered office:
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN.

They are also offering other insurance packages, which will help you provide a 360° cover for your home, travel and lovable pets.

john lewis car insurance telephone number

Is my car covered when driven in Europe and do I need a green card?

Yes. John Lewis Car Insurance can cover your car even when you’re in Europe for a maximum of 90 days and you can use these days consecutively. Most European countries don’t require green card. Here’s a list of European countries that don’t need green card anymore.

Are they covering car breakdown?

Yes. Currently, they have three levels of car breakdown cover. These are:

  1. Home Rescue – provides cover if your car break down at home.
  2. Roadside Rescue
  3. European Rescue – their most comprehensive level of Breakdown Cover.

What if I got involved in an accident and it’s not my fault?

Don’t worry about that because the insurer has a legal protection cover and its only £24 per year. This cover can help you protect yourself against what are known as uninsured losses which can be considered as a potential financial losses. Legal Protection will provide up to £100,000 towards legal expenses to help recover these losses.

What is uninsured loses?

Uninsured losses are:

  1. Cost of alternative travel arrangements.
  2. Loss of earnings.
  3. Recovery of your policy excess from a third party.

What about excess cover, will they cover it?

Yes. The insurer has a competitive excess cover that can be beneficial for you. The excess cover will cost you £30 per year.  This cover will help you protect against excess payments usually charge by the repairer With Excess Protection the insurer will reimburse up to £500 of your excess payment (excludes windscreen excess).

What if my car is in the repair shop and I need to go to an important meeting?

Don’t worry about that because the insurer will provide a rescue car or a replacement car while your car is in the repair shop.

What if the replacement car didn’t make it on time and I have important business meeting to attend to?

Nothing to worry because the insurer will refund your cab fares.

What are the promotions they are currently offering?

If you currently have a partnership card™ the insurer will grant you a 10% discount. Your discount will be applied automatically when you get a car cover quotation today!


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