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homeprotect insurance contact number

Yes it’s true! By calling the HomeProtect Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0534, you will hear more about their insurance plans which will help you protect your home and appliances from unexpected and unfortunate events that may happen in the future.

What’s the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your possessions and the free-standing items in your home – e.g. jewellery, clothes, carpets, furniture, and fridge freezers.

Building insurance covers the building itself and the fixtures within it, e.g. your bath. It protects the fabric of your home against water leaks, weather damage, fire, and vandalism.

What are the major types of cover they can offer for my home?

They can provide two types of cover. These are buildings cover and contents cover.

What building cover can they offer?

They will cover the main structure of your home if it Is damaged or even destroyed by extreme weather or fire. The insurance provider will cover the repair or the rebuilding cost of your home. They can also cover permanent fixtures in your home like taps, basins, wardrobe, kitchen surfaces, showers and baths.

What contents cover can HomeProtect offer?

They can cover most of your personal possessions such as entertainment equipment, furniture, computer, videos, CDs, DVDs, clothing, carpets, valuables and a lot more.

Do they need a home appliances inventory for my application requirements?

Yes, as part of the insurance provider major requirements, you will need to submit an inventory of all your valued possessions.

What if I am away visiting family or friends or on holiday,can my home and its contents still be covered?

Yes, but you may need to apply for certain insurance add-ons to fully maximize its benefits.

What about accidental damage in my home?

Yes, you can still be covered as long as you have taken out their accidental add-ons plans. To know more about their insurance add-ons to enhance your current insurance, you can call the HomeProtect Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0534. A professional team of insurance specialist will help you choose which add-on plan suits your needs.

I have a bicycle. Can they provide cover for it?

Yes, they will provide cover for your bicycle if you have included the “Pedal Cycles” feature.

How about my computer, can they provide cover for it?

Yes, they will cover your computer. It’s included in the contents cover of the insurance plan.

Is any discount offered for claim-free periods?

Yes you will get a discount on your next renewal. HomeProtect Insurance will award you a “no claims discount”

HomeProtect Insurance Complaints Contact Number

If you have problems or concerns regarding HomeProtect Insurance policies that you have purchased, you may call the HomeProtect Insurance Support Number on 0843 504 0534. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to further assist you and resolve the issues you have encountered in no time. For those of you who would rather write, please contact Company at:

PO Box 1124
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1XT.

Need help processing your claims? Please phone the HomeProtect Insurance Claims Number anytime of the day. This helpline will guide and help you process your claim and they will assist you step by step for you to get your claims in no time.

Can they cover my personal Items?

Currently, wearable possessions or items are not covered by their insurance. However, if you wish to cover it you can purchase insurance add-on so that it will be included in the insurance coverage.

homeprotect insurance telephone number

Do they accept cheque payments?

Yes, cheque payments are accepted. Please make your cheque payable to “HomeProtect”.

What if I want to cancel my current policy?

To cancel your insurance policy, you should call HomeProtect Help Line Number or you may visit the nearest HomeProtect branch office. Please be aware that a standard processing time will be expected depending on the insurance provider’s terms.

How can I modify or upgrade my current home insurance plan?

If you want to modify or upgrade your current home insurance plan, you can call HomeProtect Contact Telephone Number. You will be advised about their latest promotions and the best upgrade options for your current home insurance plan. Please be aware of the additional or extra charges that may apply on your repayments.

What are the current available cover plans?

Homeprotects offers wide variety of insurance plans. These are:

  1. Home Insurance – Insurance used particularly for your home.
  2. Let Property – This insurance is ideal for Individuals planning to rent their property.
  3. Holiday Homes and Second Homes – This is essential among people that would want their home to be used as a holiday vacation or rest house by their family and friends.
  4. Unoccupied Property Insurance – If you usually travel a lot then this cover is for you to give protection for your unattended home when you’re away doing business trips, vacations or house renovation.
  5. Weekend or weekday home – Home insurance for homeowners who use their property either just during the week or just at the weekend.
  6. Home insurance for your home business – Ideal for individuals doing business or work in their home (home based jobs).
  7. Bed & Breakfasts Home Insurance – Home insurance for Bed & Breakfast owners.
  8. Policy booklet – The booklet set out all the terms and conditions that apply to your HomeProtect cover.

homeprotect insurance support number

Why choose their home insurance?

  1. Instant online cover – Homeprotect has an award winning online service called “easy to insure” where you can have your online quotations in minutes.
  2. They are rated 5 star for building insurance by defacto.
  3. Rated 4 star for content insurance by defacto.
  4. The basic legal expenses cover is included in the package.
  5. Basic home emergency is also included in this package.
  6. High recommended by customers with 88% satisfaction rate.
  7. 24 / 7 HomeProtect Insurance Customer Services Number.

Why choose their Let property insurance?

  1. Contents cover on a “new for old” basis – even very old items that are destroyed or stolen will be replaced with brand new items.
  2. A no claim discount up to 30% or more to help you reduce your premiums.
  3. Big discounts if you can secure your property by providing burglar alarms and secure locks.
  4. Speedy response from their UK based contact centres.
  5. Wide choice of voluntary excesses to help drive your premiums down further.

How can their Holiday Homes and Second Homes Insurance will benefit you?

  1. The basic legal expense and home emergency is included in this package.
  2. Flexibility to choose any level of accidental damage cover you need.
  3. 30% “no claims” discount.
  4. Contents cover on a “new for old” basis.
  5. 24 / 7 HomeProtect Help Desk Contact Number.

Why do you need their Unoccupied property insurance?

The cover will vary depending on the length and nature of the un-occupancy:

  1. If the property is unoccupied for more than 6 months or if it is up for sale, then cover will normally be restricted only to the major insurance perils such as Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake and Aircraft. If you need more information about this package you can phone the insurer’s help line number.
  2. There are shorter periods of un-occupancy cover in which you will receive more comprehensive benefits. Please note that the insurer has terms and conditions which will be applied on your policy. If you need further information with this matter you can always call their phone number anytime of the day.
  3. HomeProtect is backed or underwritten by many reputable insurance providers including AXA Insurance.

Why avail their Weekend or weekday home insurance?

  1. Extra incentives which can make the most out of your money.
  2. Cover for old and new items which can be replaceable with brand new items.
  3. Big discounts await you if you will call the insurer’s telephone number now.

Why avail one or more of their insurance packages?

HomeProtect offers wide variety of insurance packages that has a competitive cover for a lower price loaded with value packed features and benefits that are useful.


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