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Call today and learn more about the different insurance packages they currently offer which will provide security for you, your pets and your investments.

helpucover insurance telephone number

Helpucover is a flexible insurance provider that offers a wide coverage of insurance plans. These are:

·         Life insurance
·         Pet insurance
·         Mortgage protection insurance
·         Gadget and mobile phone insurance
·         Income protection insurance
·         Multi appliance warranty
·         Car value protector
·         Sports injury insurance
·         Life insurance

If you wish to know more about these insurance plans, you may call the Helpucover Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3657. A team of professional and friendly insurance specialists will answer all your questions. They will also help you decide which insurance plan is best for you without compromising your financial capabilities as Helpucover considers your lifestyle and well-being.

Is it easy to get a Mortgage Payment Protection?

Yes, acquiring their mortgage payment protection is very easy. You can call their customer service number, go to the nearest Helpucover branch office or you can visit their website.

How long before can I claim for my Mortgage Payment Protection?

According to the insurance provider’s manual, when applying for cover you can choose to receive beneficial payments for either 6 months or 12 months depending on your situation.

I have multiple pets, can I have a special discount if I insure them all?

Yes, you will be entitled to have a special discount according to the insurance provider’s policy manual. You will receive one month free premium per policy every year. However, you will be required to apply separate insurance plan for your pets.

Are they going to pay the dental treatment for my pets?

Yes, but they will require you to have at least 2 years of pet insurance membership.

What is covered under my Helpucover Gadget and Mobile Phone Insurance policy?

These are the gadgets and mobile phones that are covered in their gadget and mobile phone policy:

·         portable car navigation equipment
·        desktop computers
·         printers
·         Hand held computer equipment
·         Tablets
·         telecommunications equipment
·         scanners
·         laptops
·         Portable Hi-fi Audio equipment
·         portable TV
·         DVD and games equipment
·         photographic equipment

They will require to register all items over £150. All of The item details will be stored on their secure server in case you ever need to retrieve them.

Is there an excess payment for my gadgets and mobile phones?

Yes. They will require you to pay an extra amount of £50 per item.

Helpucover Insurance Complaints Number

For any problems or concerns that needs immediate resolution, you can call the Helpucover Insurance Telephone Number on 0843 504 3657. Their highly trained support team will solve your problems in a timely manner to give you 5 star satisfaction with their services.

Do you wish to upgrade your current cover? You should call the insurer’s telephone number so that you will be assisted throughout the process. Also, if you had any concerns related to your cover you are always welcome to call them anytime of the day.

You can also contact them by writing a letter at:

Pinnacle House,
A1 Barnet Way,
WD6 2XX,
United Kingdom.

For Gadget and Mobile Phones concerns only please drop them a mail at Helpucover Gadget and Mobile Phone Insurance, Sentinel House, Airspeed Road, Portsmouth PO3 5R.

What are the requirements for Income Protection Insurance?

These are the insurance provider’s requirements for you to be able to secure an Income Protection Insurance.

·         You should be over 18 and under 65 years of age.

·         You have full time employment.

·         Your self-employment should be 12 years consecutive months immediately prior to the start date.

·         You enlisted to the British Armed Forces or a civil servant in a British Embassy or Consulate.

·         You have an employer that has a registered UK company.

·         You are assigned to work within the European Union.

·         You are subsequently posted to work outside the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

If I’ll get a quotation today for Income Protection Insurance, how long is the validity of my quotation?

Your quote will be valid up to 30 days or policy start date, which ever happens sooner.

Why it is that Car Value Protector is different from ordinary Car Insurance?

Your car will be covered based on its original purchasing value unlike ordinary car insurance where your car will be covered based on its current value in the market. If you wish to know more about their Car Value Protector, please call the Helpucover Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3657. Their friendly and courteous insurance agents will help you understand more about this insurance plan and other insurance packages that are beneficial for you and your other investments.

How long can I take Car Value Protector for?

According to their insurance policy guidelines, Car Value Protector is available for up to 3 years. You will be allowed to re-insure as long as your car is under 7 years old. You will undergo with a new application process and car valuation if you want to renew your cover. If you need more information about this matter you can phone the Helpucover Insurance Claims Number anytime of the day.

How much car coverage can I get from a policy?

As per the insurance provider’s manual, they will be able to pay you up to £15,000 of cover if your car is stolen or written off.

What are the available insurance packages they currently offer?

Helpucover Insurance provides a wide variety of insurance and extra packages. These are:

  1. Pet Insurance – for your beloved pets.
  2. Mortgage Protection Insurance – to secure your investments.
  3. Gadget and mobile phones – provide protection for your gadgets and mobile phones.
  4. Car Value Protector – It’s a low-cost way of shielding your investment – it’s a comprehensive motor insurance alone will not do.
  5. Multi-Appliance warranty – will provide cover for eight appliances.
  6. Life Insurance – it’s not bad to prepare for unexpected circumstances.
  7. Sports Injury Insurance – ideal for sports buff.
  8. Income Protection Insurance. – shield your income with this comprehensive cover.

helpucover insurance contact number

What are the benefits of Multi-Appliances Warranty?

  1. Appliances up to eight years old can be covered.
  2. No more excessive call out, parts or labour charges.
  3. Wide network of affiliated repairers.
  4. All-in-one policy – values your money and convenience.
  5. You can choose which appliances you wish to protect.
  6. Maximum of 8 appliances per policy.
  7. Easy repairer’s access.
  8. Maximum value per item £2000.
  9. Total claims per year £2000.

What is the maximum age limit of the appliances for multi-appliances cover?

Your appliances must be 8 years old below according to their manual.

What are the actual benefits for Income Protection Insurance?

  1. Benefits paid up to 6 or 12 months.
  2. The cover is up to £2,000 a month for a year, or 50% of your gross monthly income, whichever is less.
  3. Benefits payable after 30 days.
  4. Personalised plan – up to age 65.
  5. Paid directly to you in addition to any other benefits (i.e. Statutory Sick Pay)
  6. Range of cover options – for employed or self-employed.

What are the policy benefits for Sports Injury Insurance?

  1. Up to £10,000 a year for Dental Accident.
  2. Cash lump sum up to £2,000 for a broken bone.
  3. Physiotherapy cover up to £1,000.
  4. Up to £25 for each night you are in hospital.
  5. If your injury keeps you off work you’ll receive up to £750 a month – Income Replacement benefit for 3 months.
  6. Affordable cover plans.

How Car Value Protector can benefit you?

  1. Competitive Gap Car Insurance for just £3.06 per month.
  2. Easy and quick application process.
  3. They can cover vehicles up to 7 years old.
  4. No dealership extra charges – your policies will be provided by the insurer itself.
  5. No commission and showroom overload
  6. Pays the gap between your insurance payout and what your car is worth at the time you took. out Car Value Protector – up to £15,000.
  7. Comprehensive protection for stolen car or written off.
  8. Helps get you back into a car of similar value to the one you originally bought.

Why you’ll need their life insurance?

  1. Settling your outstanding mortgage debt, credit cards and other loans.
  2. Paying expenses such as funeral costs.
  3. Helping to pay for your children’s education.
  4. Maintaining your family’s standard of living by replacing your lost income.

How their pet cover will play a vital role for your pets?

If you acquire this insurance plan you’ll receive these benefits:

  1. 10% online discount.
  2. Vet fees are covered for accident, illness and injury.
  3. 24 hour vet nurse support helpline.
  4. Emergency boarding fees are covered if you are hospitalised and cannot care for your pet.
  5. Cover for stolen pet or losing your pet due to straying.
  6. Claim for costs of advertising to recover your lost pet.
  7. Dog owners are covered for essential third party liability and legal costs.
  8. They were able to pay 98% of all Lifetime Pet Claims in 2013.

How their Mortgage protection insurance can benefit you?

  1. Benefits can be paid for up to 6 or 12 months.
  2. Personalised plans – up to age 65.
  3. You can choose on these plans: Accident & Sickness, Accident, Sickness & Unemployment or Unemployment only.
  4. Benefits can be paid after 30 days
  5. Cover available for up to £2,000 a month for a year, or 50% of your gross monthly income, whichever is less.
  6. Paid direct to you in addition to any other benefits (i.e. Statutory Sick Pay)


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