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Halifax Home Insurance Contact Number values your investment

halifax home insurance telephone number

The Halifax Home Insurance Contact Number is open 24/7 to help you decide and choose the best home insurance plan for all your needs. You can reach the Halifax Home Insurance Contact Number by calling 0843 515 8469 and a dedicated team of highly customer oriented professionals will be happy to assist, help and answer all your questions regarding their competitive and most valued home insurance packages.

Why is it important to have home insurance?

Having a reliable insurance takes care of our misfortunes and when they take place, your insurance is the only thing that can help you pull through or recover from these events caused by a natural calamity or even an accident. Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earth quakes are common these days. No one knows when these disasters will strike and it is better to be prepared for the worst.

It it necessary to have a home inventory prior to applying for an insurance plan?

Yes. Having an inventory of all your valued possession will help you prepare for future requirements that will be needed for your home insurance application. The Halifax Home Insurance Helpline Number 0843 515 8469 operates daily to assist and help you decide which insurance packages is the best for your home.

What is the standard protection I get if I have a home insurance plan?

Insurance policy may differ depending on the insurance provider but with Halifax Home Insurance you’ll get the most valued plan for your money. This is what’s covered:

  • Building Coverage – This part of the home insurance plan will help you protect your property investments like condominium units or a house and lot.
  • Content – This will cover your personal property like fixtures, electronic devices, furniture and a lot more.
  • Personal Liability – Your home insurance plan can cover a person who was injured in your house caused by accident even though he or she doesn’t live there.
  • Living Expenses – If your house is damaged by a typhoon, hurricane, flood, fire etc. and you cannot live at home due to such unexpected events, your home insurance will help in providing you temporary shelter and will cover the expenses for you and your family.

    halifax home insurance contact number

Halifax Home Insurance Complaints number

Let’s solve the issue! by calling 0843 515 8469 you will be answered by a dedicated team of customer support representatives will be assisting you and help you with all your problems or concerns. For those of you who would rather write, please contact Company at:

PO Box 548
LS1 1WU.

If you have disputes processing your claim, we strongly advice to call the insurer’s contact centres to help you settle any disputes and provide a solution that will make both parties happy. If you will call their phone number they will be able to address your concern properly provided the steps you need to resolve such disputes.

I am a freelance contractor or a businessman and I usually work at home. Is there a home insurance option for me or will it affect my home insurance coverage?

Yes. Usually, this type of home insurance plans are called extra options or add-ons and you will definitely benefit from this wonderful opportunity. Your home insurance will also cover the equipment that you’re using for your home-based work or business. For example: If there would be an incident where your house got destroyed by fire, there will be a reimbursement for any expenses that you will incur in renovating or repairing your home after incident.

Do they have a home insurance cancellation policy online?

No, you can’t cancel your insurance policy online. You can visit their business centers to properly address your concerns.

I lost my home insurance quote. Can I retrieve my original home insurance quote?

Yes, you can retrieve a saved home insurance quote by visiting their website.
What are the available payment options for your home insurance payments?
They are accepting one-off payments by credit or debit card, or you can choose a monthly payments option using direct debit.

Can I call Halifax when a house emergency happens?

Halifax has a 24-hour emergency hotline to help you with your emergencies. They will assign a tradesperson to do the repairs for your home. The covered damages are:

·        Your drainage, plumbing or heating systems.

·        They can also cover gas or electricity supply system if they fail

·        Damaged roofing, locks, windows or doors can also be covered.

Damaged one of a set?

If an item is damaged by an insured incident, your policy will only cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged item and won’t cover the costs of replacing the whole set. A couple of examples of what we would repair or replace are:

– A broken sink but not the undamaged matching bath or toilet;

– A burnt kitchen unit, but not the cost of replacing all kitchen units.

halifax home insurance hotline number

What are the available insurance packages?

Currently, the insurer provides two insurance packages for both building and contents cover which are Home Options and Home solutions.

Do they cover the content of my fridge?

Yes, they are providing cover for the content of your fridge. They will grant a £250 for Home option policy holders and £500 for Home solutions policy holders.

Do they cover accidental damages on building and contents?

Yes, but these are optional packages offered by the insurer.

What is the building sum insured for both insurance packages?

According to the insurer’s manual, for home option packages they will grant up to 20% of buildings sum insured while the home solution packages offers up to up to £30,000.

What if I lost my home keys, are they going to cover it?

Yes, the insurer will provide a replacement for the lost home keys.

What if my home keys are stolen?

Don’t worry about that because they will provide new set of keys and new locks for your doors.

What if I have a High Valued contents?

The insurer will cover depending on the insurance package you had purchased. For home options cover, they will grant up to 33% of sum insured while the home solution package offers up to £10,000. Please note that this only apply to single item only.

Do they cover content from outbuildings?

Yes, the insurer can provide £2,000 up to £5,000 depending on the insurance package you had purchased.

Do they cover personal belonging outside the home?

Yes, the insurer will provide cover but these are optional package that you can avail as an add-on.

Where can I purchased the insurance package?

According to the information we gathered from the insurer, you can purchase Home Option insurance package online while Home Solution Insurance package can only be bought on their business centres or you can call their contact number to help you process the application.


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