Esure Car Insurance Contact Number

esure car insurance contact number

Ensure your car protection with Esure Car Insurance Contact Number

Esure Car Insurance Contact Number 0843 515 8456 operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They have a dedicated contact centres and a professional team that are willing to answer your questions and help you decide which car insurance is the best for your car an  d your needs. Esure offers a competitive, wide variety of insurance packages such as travel insurance, home insurance and car insurance. They are one of the leading insurance providers in United Kingdom which started early in 2000. Following its formal launch on July 2001, Esure quickly proved itself as one of the newest yet the most reliable insurance provider in the market. Their performance in sales grew quickly because a lot of people prefer its services than any other insurance providers.

Still undecided which insurance provider is best for you?

esure car insurance telephone numberYou can call them and compare its competitive insurance packages among other insurance provider out there. Esure dares you to compare its services to other insurance providers. They have proved their commitment in helping people by providing an insurance with great value. By getting the insurance packages with the lowest application cost and reasonable monthly premiums, Esure’s customers have truly earned more than they have invested.

Why Esure Car Insurance is the best and how can you benefit from it?

Esure’s Insurance track record speaks for their company, considered as one of the most reliable insurance provider that cares for you. They value your hard-earned money that’s why they consider your acquired insurance plans as an investment that will secure and protect your future.

Esure Car Insurance Complaints Contact Number

If you have problems or concerns that needs escalation or immediate action you can reach their help line number by calling 0843 515 8456. You will be answered by a team of highly customer oriented professionals that will definitely help you and address the problem in an efficient and timely manner. You can send them a letter at:

The Equinox
19 Cadogan Street
G2 6QQ

they would be pleased to answer all your queries.

What are their major coverage?

·         They hold a brilliant 5 star rating and considered as one of the insurance provider that offers wide-ranging insurance policies.

·         They offer great discounts online for every new customer.

·         You don’t have to worry if your car is at the garage because as a policy holder, they will provide a courtesy car for you.

·         Reaching Esure is not a problem why? Because, they have their own UK based call centres. Calling them is convenient and easy for you.

·         A replacement child car seat will be provided if it gets damaged when a policy holder became involved in an accident.

To further help you making the right decision about Esure products and services, you can call the Esure Car Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8456 and they will provide information to help you understand their insurance policy benefits and limitations.

Is there any extra services or add-ons they can offer me?

Definitely! These are the optional insurance packages or add-ons that you can get.

·         Motoring Legal Protection

·         Breakdown Cover

·         Protect your no claim discount for the life of your policy

·         Personal Injury Benefit

·         Car Hire Benefit

·         Misfuelling Cover

·         Key Cover

·         Just in Case

·         Excess Protection

esure car insurance hotline number

What is the required value of the car to qualify for an insurance quote?

The required value for your car is more than £50,000

I have a 20 year- old car can I still apply for insurance?

They will check if it can qualify with their car insurance policy.

I am not the main driver of the car. Can I get an insurance quotation?

They can not provide insurance quotation information if you’re not the main driver of the car.

Can I insure 2 more drivers?

You can visit their business centre to discuss this concern or call their helpline number.

Do they offer extra insurance packages that can upgrade my cover?

Yes. The insurer has other insurance add-on packages that can help provide cover for your car.

What are the extra insurance packages they are currently offering?

They are currently providing extra insurance packages like:

  1. Motoring Legal Protection – this will help you cover for uninsured losses. The insurer will grant up to £100,000 (including Value Added Tax) towards legal costs incurred to help pursue your claim. This insurance extra package can also help if you are charged with a motoring offence arising from an incident whilst using your car which is not covered on the section of the agreed liability manual. They will provide up to £10,000 (including Value Added Tax) towards legal expenses to help defend you.
  2. Just in case – This insurance add-on will cover Car Hire, Key Cover, Personal Injury Benefit and Misfuelling Cover.
  3. Breakdown assistance – This add-on will provide cover for road breakdown and a 24 hour help line.
  4. Personal Injury benefit –This add-on will cover any physical injuries related to accidents.
  5. Car Hire benefit – This add-on will help you provide a car replacement if your car is in the repair shop, involved in an accident or got stolen.
  6. Missfueling cover – This add-on will provide cover for accidental misfuel of the policy holder’s car.
  7. Key Cover – This add-on will help you provide cover if your car keys got lost or stolen. They will provide replacement for your lost or stolen car keys.
  8. Excess Protection – This add-on will provide cover for unexpected repair excess fees to a repair shop or repairman.

What if I have a pending case or I got convicted, can I still get a car insurance?

No, because it’s the insurer’s policy not to provide any insurance to individuals that are convicted or has a pending case.

What if I live in Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, can I get a car cover?

No, the insurer doesn’t allow or provide cover if the person lives in these places.

My car is worth £60,000 can they still provide cover for it?

No, the insurer only covers a car’s worth less than £50,000.


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