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Being a student is one of the most stressful yet rewarding experience one person could ever have. You get to learn a lot about the career that you want to pursue after university and most importantly, you get to learn life’s important lessons as we grow up.

As a student you have a lot of responsibilities and obligations that you have to accomplish and one of the best ways to have this security is to have an insurance. That way we’ll never have to worry on the safety of our most prized investment even if perilous times arrive. One of the best insurance companies that provide great service especially for students is Endsleigh insurance. You can call the Endsleigh Insurance Contact Number on 0843 515 8452 and have all your questions answered by a kind and courteous dedicated support team.

Do I need to insure my personal belongings?

Yes, because every possession that you have now is your treasure and can be a lifetime investment on your part. Could it be a gadget that contains your thesis or the car that you’re using, it is only fair to secure the safety of these investments.

endsleigh insurance hotline number

Do I need an Inventory for all of my valued possessions before applying for an insurance package?

Yes, this is one of the major requirement that needs to be prepared early before applying for any insurance provider. This will help your insurance provider to estimate how much will they cover for every possession you have.

Endsleigh Insurance Complaints Contact Number

Do you frequently call your current insurance provider because of their confusing policies? Today, we have the best insurance provider who specialises on students like you. You can call the Endsleigh Insurance Support Number and see the difference why this insurance company is highly recommended. If you want your concern or problems to be addressed promptly, it is advisable to call their dedicated customer service hotline on 0843 515 8452 which is open 24/7 for you. The standard charges of 5p / min may apply if you’re using BLT landline. Please note that other mobile or landline providers might incur higher charges. For any suggestions or request you can also reach them by writing a letter at:

Shurdington Road
Cheltenham Spa
Gloucestershire GL51 4UE.

What types of insurance does Endsleigh Insurance offer?

a. Car insurance- Endsleigh car insurance offers savings of up to 10% off servicing and 20% off on MOT costs. Also, you get to enjoy the benefit of car replacement in an event of accident and 24 hour windscreen and glass cover depending on your comprehensive policies. Endsleigh has UK- based call centres for their customer services which can be easily reached by calling Endsleigh Contact Number.

b. Home & Possessions- it covers your personal belongings whether you’re living in your campus’ dormitories or off campus. You can even insure your bicycle. Also, this service covers your home against damage caused by weather, fire or flood by providing the full expense of home repair and rebuilding or replacing any permanent fixtures.

c. Gadget insurance- students can enjoy a great deal with 99% of replacement provided within 24 hours, cover for liquid damage, replaced new for old if unrepairable and loss covered as standard in your policies if they insure their laptops together with their mobile phones.

d. Travel insurance- Endsleigh will protect you whether you’re on a vacation or a short trip.  This insurance will cover the unexpected occurrences that can affect your life either before or during your trip.

How can I speak to a financial advisor?endsleigh insurance contact number

Endsleigh Insurance also offers financial advice for you to be guided on the best plan to best suit your needs and financial capabilities. This is the only insurance company recommended by National Union of Students (NUS), the organization that cares and prioritizes the welfare of the students.

You can learn more about their products and services by phoning the Endsleigh Insurance Contact Number just dial 0843 515 8452 and they will be happy to assist you to a better and secured university life. With the rate of 95% satisfied customers, Endsleigh Insurance Company assures a quality service that will satisfy every student’s needs.

What are the insurance requirements for a bicycle?

If you have a bike that is worth £1,500 they can cover it. Also, if your bicycle is below the value of £400, you don’t need to get a specialist bicycle cover. As an alternative, just add your bicycle to one of other packages, such as gadget or contents cover. They provide cover against:

·         Theft
·         A 30 day EU trip
·         Accidental damage
·         Vandalism

What are the benefits for bicycle insurance?

·         If your bike is stolen or cannot be repaired, they can replace it within 24 hours.  You’ll need to wait for 1 working day of your claim to be approved.
·         They cover any lost accessories

I have multiple gadgets. Can it all be covered by the gadget insurance package?

Yes, they have a modular insurance that will allow you to add what you ever gadget that you want, like a phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

How much savings can I get if I get a multiple gadget plan?

You can save up to 15% of the total cost.

What are the packages under travel insurance?

The insurer provides single trip insurance and annual multi-travel insurance.

What is the difference between single trip insurance and annual multi-travel insurance?

Single trip is ideal for longer holidays as you can be covered for a maximum total of 365 days while annual multi-travel insurance provides cover for unlimited number of trips per year. You will be given a 42 days gap for each travel. This package is also available for independent travelers, business travel and weddings.

What is the maximum baggage cover?

They provide up to £2,000.

How about cancellation cover, is it a part of the package?

Yes, they will grant cover up to £5,000.

Are they going to cover my laptop and mobile phone?

Yes, if you are a student policy holder. They will provide immediate replacement for stolen or lest laptop and mobile phone. Please note that the replacement will need approval.

What about accidental damages?

They provide cover for TVs, DVD players, blu-ray players, satellite receiving equipment and Hi-Fi equipment as standard.

How can I process a claim?

If you wish to process your claim you can process it online or over the phone.


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