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bennetts insurance contact number

Currently, Bennetts Insurance provides 200,000 comprehensive insurance packages to bike enthusiast in the country. They have a wide selection of bike insurance packages that are fully equipped with features that are highly recommended by bikers club in the country. If you wish to know more about these insurance packages you can call the Bennetts Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3661. They have professional and highly trained customer service representatives that can give you a superb customer service experience. You can always ask them about their insurance services, promotions and recommendations.

Why choose Bennetts insurance?

With the insurer’s experience in bike or motorcycle insurance services, they are always rated 5 star by their clients. Their insurance packages are always top-notch and fully loaded with features which can help a policy holder save more than what he paid for. They are currently covering most of the 16 mods and you can enjoy savings with Bennetts exclusive. They always have a 24/7 UK claims specialist that you can call anytime of the day to process your policy claims.

What are the type of bikes that they are covering?

Currently, they are covering these types of bikes:

·         Scooter
·         Moped
·         Trail & Enduro
·         Cruiser
·         Tourer
·         Naked
·         Sports Bike
·         Superbike
·         Super Sports Bike
·         Classic Bikes

Do they provide cover for a specific Bike Manufacturer?

They are also providing special insurance packages for several Bike Manufacturers. These are:

·         Honda Motorcycle Insurance
·         Triumph Motorcycle Insurance
·         Suzuki Motorcycle Insurance
·         Peugeot Scooter Insurance
·         Kawasaki Motorcycle Insurance
·         BMW Motorcycle Insurance
·         Harley Davidson Insurance
·         Ducati Motorcycle Insurance
·         Lambretta Motor Insurance
·         Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance

If you wish to know more information about these manufacturer’s insurance packages, you can always call the Bennetts Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 3661. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge. They’ll be happy to answer your questions, provide suggestions and help you decide which motorcycle insurance package suits your needs and fits your budget.

If I get a policy from them, what cover do they provide?

bennetts insurance help line number

If you purchase one of their insurance plans you’ll receive the following cover.

·         You’re bike or motorcycle will be covered from theft. Third party coverage for fire and theft is also included.
·         If you wish to drive outside the European Union, you will be covered for 90 days. Third party fire and theft feature is also included.
·         Lost and damages of your motorcycle will be covered.
·         Accidental recovery.
·         Planning to ride other bikes? Worry no more! They are allowing you to ride other bikes and you are still covered by their insurance.
·         Do you have multiple bikes? They can provide multiple-cover for a single policy and third party feature for fire and theft is also included.
·         They are providing No Claims Discount if you will not be able to claim a policy.
·         Easy and convenient instalment payments – they can extended your repayments up to 12 months and adjust your premium depending on your finances.

·         New motorcycle replacement within 6 months of buying it.

Do they offer insurance add-ons for extra cover?

Yes, they are offering extra cover for additional protection. These are:

·         Legal Expenses Cover – if you got involved in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, they will provide full cover for just £29.99.
·         RAC Breakdown Cover – The insurer has become a partners with RAC to provide Roadside Rescue services designed especially for bikers.
·         Personal Accident Cover – This add-on can provide cover for yourself if unexpected things will happen.
·         Helmet & Leathers Cover – This add-on will help provide cover for your bike-ride wears like leathers, helmet, boots and gloves for as little as £48.

Benetts Insurance Complains Number

If you have encountered any problems that need escalation, you can call the Benetts Insurance Telephone Number on 0843 504 3661. They have a support team which can address your problem properly and provide 5 star customer experience.

If you have issues with your monthly premiums please call the insurer’s phone number so that they can help you correct any issues that will affect your claims. If you have trouble processing your claim, please phone the insurer’s helpdesk number. They are willing to help and assist you in processing your claims.

You can also send them a letter at:

Pegasus House,
Bakewell Road,
Orton Southgate,
PE2 6YS.

They would be pleased to answer all your queries.

What if I want to cancel the insurance policy that I purchased from them?

If you wish to cancel any policy you acquired from them, you can call the Bennetts Insurance Contact Number or you can visit the nearest Bennetts Insurance Branch to process your cancelation request. Please be aware that there is a standard processing days and it will vary depending on the insurance provider’s discretion.

What if I got involved in an accident?

Please call 999 and your insurer for assistance. With regards to your claims, the insurer will require you to have these information:

  1. Date, time and location of accident.
  2. Any other relevant party details – name/address/contact telephone number/vehicle registration/insurance details.
  3. Name and contact details of any witnesses.
  4. Police details/crime reference number (if applicable).
  5. Any other information that may prove to be helpful throughout the claims process, such as a photograph of the scene, or details about the road conditions.

Please be advised, failure to notify the insurer of any incident, even if it wasn’t your fault, no matter how big or small it is, could delay the process or settlement of any outstanding claim.

Is your bike off the road as a result of an accident?  Do you require a replacement bike?

If you find yourself unable to use your motorcycle as a result of an accident, phone the insurer as soon as possible. Do not organise for your bike to be repaired until the insurer have assessed the damage and the likelihood that your claim will be successful.

What if I’m not able to make calls after the accident, due to shock or physical injuries?

The insurer should be notified by a family or a friend.

Are you going to replace my bike if it’s totally wrecked?

Possible yes. To know more about this concern, we encourage you to phone the insurer’s customer relations number.


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