Allclear Travel Insurance Contact Number

Call the Allclear Travel Insurance Contact Number to find out the latest insurance plans on offer.

allclear travel insurance customer service number

Allclear covers, but is not limited to, arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, HIV, Leukaemia, lymphoma, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, stroke and pregnancy. You may call the Allclear Travel Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0536 for further information regarding the pre-existing medical conditions that they cover.

Do I still need travel insurance even though I have European Health Insurance Card?

Yes, because EHIC does not cover the cancellation or curtailment of your trip as well as the private medical costs you may incur if you’re admitted to a private hospital.

Do I need to buy travel insurance even though I haven’t booked my trip yet?

It’s encouraged to buy insurance as soon as you book your trip to ensure cover for cancellation and curtailment.

Does Allclear Travel Insurance covers one-way trips?

No. All trips must begin and end in the UK.

allclear travel insurance contact number

AllClear Travel Insurance Complaints Number

Have you encountered issues and problems related to your medical condition and policy claims? Please phone the AllClear Tavel Insurance Helpdesk Number on 0843 504 0536 directly. They will help you and provide support to whatever situation you are encountering. Please don’t hesitate to do so as this may help process your claim immediately and you’ll be assisted with care.

Got problems during your travel related to your medical condition?

you can send them a mail at:

Redwing Court Ashton Road
Essex RM3 8QQ United Kingdom.

They also provide other valued insurance packages which can help you.

What papers should I bring with me when I travel on holiday?

It is recommended that you bring your insurance papers incase you need to contact Allclear Travel Insurance. It’s also advised for you to bring your Policy Number, Emergency Medical Assistance and Claims Line telephone numbers when you travel.

What if I have left the UK without buying travel insurance, can I buy it now?

No. They cannot provide cover if you’re already out of the country.

Are there any countries that Allclear Travel Insurance won’t cover?

Allclear cannot cover for countries that Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against travelling to.

If I have a connecting flight within the UK am I still covered by the insurance provider?

Yes, they will allow the coverage of connecting flights within UK. Insurance policy terms may differ depending on the insurance plan you currently have.

I usually go on a trip regularly once a year. If my other trips require 45 days interval can they be covered?

If you have a trip that surpasses the maximum trip span – Yes, they will cover it as long as you will purchase a single trip policy. It allows you to exceed the 45 days limit coverage of the insurance policy.

Which is better, single trip policy or annual trip policy?

According to their insurance policy manual, if you travel regularly for a year, the good choice would be the annual trip policy. It would be much cheaper and you’ll be delighted with its great value.

How can I reach Allclear Travel Insurance Support Number if I need to contact them?

You can phone the Allclear Travel Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0536 for any queries and concern that you want to be addressed. They have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are always ready to accommodate you.

What is the age limit for a single-trip policy?

According to their insurance policy guidelines they don’t have upper age limits.

What if my annual trip insurance plan expires?

If that’s the case, Allclear Insurance will send you a mail or contact you via the phone to inform you about the expiration date of your insurance plan. They will also let you know about their new promotions, which will help you choose the best travel insurance package for you.

How can I renew my policy?

According to their policy guidelines, you can visit their website or visit the nearest business centre branch in your place.

What hazardous activities do they cover?

You can check your policy manual regarding their terms about hazardous activities which are covered and which aren’t.

What is the age limit for Winter Sports cover?

Please check your policy manual from Allclear Travel Insurance for more details about this matter or give a call to their customer service hotline number.

My friend is a non-UK resident, can they still be covered by their insurance plans?

No, they will not allow it. They only allow individuals with permanent residence or a UK citizen.

Can I purchase this cover online?

Yes, most of the insurer’s insurance can be purchased online. It’s better to call their contact centre first because there are promotions that you can know and they’ll help you throughout the process.

allclear travel insurance telephone number

I’m tired of the usual complicated screening process, are they going to do the same?

No, the insurer has a less complicated process where you don’t get any stress or frustrations.

I don’t like time consuming processes because I’m a busy person, are they going to waste my time?

No, the insurer will provide the most convenient way for you to have your insurance on time.

I can’t find the best policy for me, can you give me an advice?

The insurance provider has a professional insurance specialist, which will help you decide which insurance package is the best for you. That package will cater all your needs at the same time it will not compromise your well- being and financial status.

Do you cover for a one way trip only?

No, the insurer will require all trip must end in United Kingdom.

How many trips are allowed for an annual cover?

The insurer will allow unlimited cover within the region selected as many times as you like as long as each trip is within the maximum trip duration.

Can I have my document posted?

Yes, they will require you to pay £2.50.

How can I pay my premium?

They are accepting major credit / debit cards and PayPal payments.

Do you cover terminal conditions?

Yes they are covered by the insurance provider.

Will my premiums increase due to my medical conditions?

According to the insurer’s manual, premiums will vary depending on your medical conditions.

I have a drug or alcohol related condition, do I need to declare it?

Yes, the insurer will require it. Any relating condition must be screened.

If I am on a waiting list, can I get cover?

Yes. According to the insurance manual, you’ll get covered if you check individual provider’s policy details on your application process.


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