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If you need more information about their all-around medical insurance packages, you may call the Allclear Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0535. It operates daily for you to reach them easily and you can call at your most convenient time.

Why is it important to have life insurance cover?

A pay-out from a life insurance policy could help cover the following:

·         Life insurance can pay off the mortgage after you pass away.

·         If you are a policy holder then the insurance provider will pay for your funeral expenses.

·         You will also be covered with your medical expenses if you have terminal illness such as diabetes, heart diseases, and other major illnesses.

·         Life insurance plan will help you secure your children’s future. They will pay for your childcare and education. Call Allclear Customer Service Number today and get a quote for life insurance packages they currently offer.

Why choose AllClear Insurance?

AllClear Insurance was founded in 1985 and it is a part of Bishopscourt group of companies. Due to its reasonable and comprehensive insurance plans, AllClear Insurance proved its worth to the public and up to this date, AllClear proved its successful track record to be one of the UK’s top insurance company in providing wide variety of medical related insurance packages.

What if I have an existing heart related medical condition, can they cover me with their life insurance?

allclear insurance contact number

They can help you find the right insurance package that will fit your needs but there are requirements that you’ll need to provide so that you will be considered to get a life insurance.

What if I have diabetes can they still cover me?

Regardless of the stage of your diabetes, they can still provide coverage for you.

AllClear Insurance Complaints Number

If you have encountered any problem or concern that needs to be resolved immediately, please don’t hesitate to call the AllClear Insurance Telephone Number on 0843 504 0535. Their contact centre operates daily to help you resolve your problem in a timely manner. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge

If you have problems processing your life insurance or you wish to upgrade and add extra packages then you should phone the insurer’s helpdesk number. They will assist you with your concern and help you process your claim or request quickly.

For any suggestions or other concerns you can write them at:

AllClear House 1
Redwing Court
Ashton Road
Essex RM3 8QQ United Kingdom.

They are also offering a comprehensive travel insurance that can help cover your travel locally and abroad.

I have an Irregular heartbeat, can they cover it?

Yes, they can cover it.

My aunt is over 65. Can she still be covered by your insurance plans?

Yes. They offer special insurance coverage plan for individual who’s over 65 years old.

What If I have other medical condition, can I still get an insurance plan?

They can cover it as long as the medical condition is included in the list of medical condition that is covered by their insurance policy. You can reach them by calling the Allclear Insurance Contact Number on 0843 504 0535. Professional health care insurance specialist will help you by answering your questions and provide additional information for you to be able to acquire the perfect insurance beneficial for your treatment and medication.

Who can apply for life insurance?

Even if you have a medical condition, AllClear Insurance will find a way where they can help you and sort things out.

What are the requirements for the insurance application?

According to their insurance manual, you must be a permanent resident in UK aged between 18 and 70 to be able to apply for their insurance.

allclear insurance support number

What if I want to cancel the insurance plan?

You can call AllClear Insurance Service Number to cancel your subscription or you can visit the nearest business centre on your location. It would take 30 days to process your request.

How can I make a claim?

Making a claim is a simple, convenient and reliable process. You can either go to their nearest business centre or you can call the AllClear Hotline Number.

Do I need to undergo medical examination for my application?

No, they have professional staff which will guide you through out the process. This includes submission of the documents needed and other requirements for your application

What If I want to modify or upgrade my current insurance plan?

If you want to modify or upgrade your current insurance plan, you can go to their nearest AllClear Insurance branch or you may call their Help Line Number to help you adjust your desired policy modification.

What are the other insurance services that they currently offer?

The insurer specialises on health / life related cover. These are the packages they offer:

  1. Medical Travel Insurance – this will provide medical insurance while you’re on holiday.
  2. Health Insurance – divided into three types – Private Medical Insurance, Personal Accident and Health Cash Plan
  3. Cruise Insurance – this package will provide cover for your cruise travel no matter how complex or straightforward your medical condition are.

What is a Health Cash Plan?

The insurer will help you cover some of the cost of your everyday healthcare needs particularly your maintenance.

What is a Private Medical Insurance?

The insurer will pay for your private treatment if you fall ill in return you’ll need to pay a monthly or annual premium.

Can I include my partner or children in my health insurance?

Yes, the insurer will allow your partner and kids to be included in your insurance. However, there are upper age limit that may apply depending on your preferred or selected plan.

What if I change my mind after I had purchased one health insurance plan?

Once you purchase your policy, you’ll be given a cooling off period of 14 days in which you can cancel. Cancelation during this period of time the insurer will refund you any premiums you have paid.  If you cancel your policy after this time, or stop paying your premiums, your cover will end 30 days after your first missed payment.

What are the available modes of payment?

If you wish to have a personal convenient options, you can call the insurer’s customer relations number. You can settle your payment via personal appearance, direct debit or credit cards.

Can I purchase their health insurance online?

Other insurance packages can be bought online however there are some that can’t. We strongly advice to call their customer services first to guide you throughout the process.


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